The Planning Notepad features thoughts on advertising, trends, and technology from John Krissilas, an archaeologist turned strategist with a passion for understanding people.

John Krissilas
With over 8 years in the trenches, I smirk at the challenge of solving business problems, building brands, and drinking too much coffee. And now that I look the part — an old dog with new tricks — I firmly believe that "Fortune favours the bold." I'm also a Toastmaster, filmmaker, and creativity coach (can't you tell?)

 "Resonates not only for the usefulness of its content, but also [the] tight and bright language, humour and relevant imagery." 
 — Sharon Aschaiek, Consultant at Cocoa Media 

Yes! Feel free to give me a shout. I'm on LinkedIn, Twitter, and you can even email me, too: john@planningnotepad.com