Sunday, February 21, 2010

In Need of Some Extra Mothering?

When you're sick with the flu, no one will blame you for wanting your mother. They take care of us, bring us warm soup, give us a hug, and tell us everything's going to be okay. Couldn't we all do with some extra mothering this season?

Kleenex is here to helo with its new GetMommed microsite. As soon as you land on the site, you are prompted to choose your new mom from a variety of eight.  If you have trouble choosing between them, there's a quiz to help you find the right fit. Once you've chosen a mom, you can sign up for reminders (ie. mothering). You can even nominate a real mom and vote for the one that does the best job of making the cold and flu season bearable.


Here's how BrandChannel describes the (admittedly) stereotypical mothers:
"Perhaps you need some tough love? For that there's Sue, the Asian mother with a purely coincidental accent.
 Not for you? Of course not, look at you. You're all skin and bones! Phyllis is obviously the right mother for you. She's here to offer some TLC, cook her famed pot roast and smother you. You'll be back to good health in time for Saturday services.
 More interested in a feisty mom? Okay, try Lisa. Everything about her is sassy! A sassy African-American woman? Unheard of.
Are you from a big family? Well, say "Hola" to Ana Maria. You can't miss her, she's festively attired in a vibrant outfit."
What's funny is that even the microsite features a disclaimer apologizing for the simplified stereotypes.


The Kleenex moms even have their own YouTube channel. One video below is a mom-filled webisode, the other is a short video in which my "mom" Lisa wishes me happy birthday. Hilarious stuff!

This is the kind of microsite that you know the creative team just had a blast creating. Funny, insightful, and a great way to build a database.


  1. You're right... may be funny... may be insightful... might even get a good database.

    But what ever happened to Let it All Out - no success in having a two-way conversation with consumers? Maybe we should try another way at it?

  2. Hmmm... maybe Let it All Out was too negative an approach (reminding people of the sad feeling they get when crying?)...

    The thing about tissues is that they're usually used during times when you feel bad (blowing your nose because you're sick, allergies, crying, etc).

    What the "Kleenex moms" idea succeeds at is reminding people to use the brand in a way that's funny - it puts a smile on your face. The tone and manner is refreshing.


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