Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cool Out-of-Home Series #4: The Mystery Box

So, there's one thing on my mind after seeing this peculiar out-of-home transit execution: what's up with the crate???

That's right... it's a crate, with a big question mark on it and the word "Destination." Curious. A mystery. Everyone likes a good mystery, right? Had to check it out. So I visited and here's what I found:

Hmmm... a blog... documenting... a crate. Doubly peculiar. Read enough of the crate's blog entries and its story starts to come together. It apparently started off on a high: graduating from McGill University, marrying a sweet girl, and starting a new career. Then, a few days ago, everything seems to have fallen apart: the crate lost its job, its wife wanted "a break," and it's wondering whether there is any meaning or purpose left to its life. The crate uploads its resume for us to critique, and proceeds to blog about each of its (failed) job interviews (a fireman or doctor, anyone?). Here's a YouTube video illustrating the plight of the crate:

After reading so much about the crate's story, I felt compelled to become its friend on Facebook:

Apparently, the crate is the son of "Papa Barrel" - who knew! Anyways, according to the crate's Facebook page, November 15th is the date that we'll finally discover "What's up with the crate," so stay tuned!!

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