Sunday, November 7, 2010

When Beauty Meets... Fast Food?!

Shopper's Drug Mart is confounding me. They've spent a lot of time (and A LOT of money) over the last few years seemingly building a strong association with beauty and cosmetics. Walk into any SDM these days and you'll no doubt be forced to trudge through the cosmetics section before you can get to the store proper. (For most women, of course, this part of the store is the best part, which I guess, after all, is the whole point...) They've invested a lot in improving this section of the store, and making it a major part of the SDM brand promise.

Which is why it's a bit weird to see SDM recently team up with several fast food brands in an interesting (albeit strange) shopper marketing promotion...

A while back, I was confused when I saw a shelf-talker sticking out of the soap aisle with the Tim Hortons logo on it, screaming this offer:

Hmmmm... interesting. It's definitely a practical offer - who wouldn't love $10 worth of free coffee? But the match between Tim Horton's and SDM just didn't seem right. A few weeks later, I saw this:

First Timmy's, now Micky D's???? Okay, Tim Hortons I buy - both SDM and Timmy's are good ol' Canadian brands. But McDonald's is a bit of a stretch. When I think McDonald's, I think greasy burgers, clowns, and Fast Food Nation. I don't think "beauty." And yet, look what I got when I dropped over $50 at my local SDM...

Let's just say I've been enjoying every dollar from my $20 McDonald's charge card. So, there you have it. I get a nice bonus for spending money at SDM, McDonald's gets a fair bit of traffic from me (and now I'm hooked on their coffee). I guess it's a fair trade off. But I wonder what it does to the Shopper's Drug Mart Brand?????

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