Thursday, January 1, 2015

Viva Ecuador!

It's 2015!

But, taking a moment to think back to my favourite ad campaign from 2014, I couldn't help but be surprised. It wasn't a TV spot, or a fun digital experience, or even a tweet. It was a transit ad. Yes... a transit ad!

This simple ad for Ecuador was ubiquitous in and around the TTC – peering at you from the platform, catching your attention inside a subway car, keeping you company at a streetcar stop:

And yet, it's just a transit ad...

Why is it my favourite? Why does it stick in my head, despite everything I've seen in 2014? Why do I have the subconscious urge to travel to Ecuador?


1. It's simple. One word, no URL (except for that unfortunate QR code!), no ask, no call to action, nothing. Just Ecuador. Ecuador. Ecuador!!

2. It's visual. Bright colours, beautiful, close-up photography, food, scenic views – it's a kaleidoscope, a feast for the eyes, amid the usual drab, text-heavy fare on the TTC.

3. It's iconic. In addition to the above visuals, it's also got a recognizable, somewhat creepy, iconic image: the man peering at you (or Ecuador) through his binoculars. And yet, he's memorable. Likeable, even. Like a Latin version of Waldo!

Overall, I loved it, and I hope to see more simple, visual, and iconic campaigns in 2015.

What about you? Any favourites from 2014?
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