Monday, January 19, 2015

Doing Good with a Twist

A refreshing new take on the dreary PSA

A Public Service Announcement – or any type of "you should know this because it's good for you" advertising – doesn't have to be the dreary, preachy, finger-wagging type of message that we're used to. A new batch of do-good campaigns prove that leading with entertainment value first and foremost can often do the trick better than playing it straight.

This new breed of PSA features:

(1) Fantastic production values – as good as anything you'd see on TV and YouTube, the feel is epic, sweeping, or just plain Saturday Night Live funny.

(2) A creative theme – from nature documentaries to a War of the Worlds-style alien invasion, they blur the line between satire and imitation, playing on creative tropes that we know and love.

(3) A surprising twist – the do-good messages here are anything but obvious, either woven subtly (and darkly!) throughout the narrative or revealed as a surprise at the end.

Have a look for yourself!

A Cheesy Love Story (from

Kill the K-Cup (by Egg Studios)

Great Canadian Migrations (by Environmental Defence)

What do YOU think? Will you be killing your K-Cups anytime soon? Let me know by commenting below!

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