Saturday, June 27, 2015

So you're going to be a manager...

5 Ways to Lead Your Team to Success

In the marketing world, hell, in any world, management training is pretty sparse. We've all had managers, both good and bad, but we rarely get the chance to study them, to really learn from them and get trained by them, before — POP! — we become managers ourselves.

Luckily, Larry Chester, a leadership instructor at U of T's School of Continuing Studies, is hoping to change that. Speaking at a June 2015 SHAKER Professional event for U of T Alumni, Larry offered his own take on how you (yes, you!) can manage people effectively and lead your team to success.

Here are the highlights...

(1) Work through others

Managers don't work by themselves — they work through others. Focus your efforts on achieving results through the members of your team. Find out what they need to do their job well, then give it to them.

(2) Speaking of results...

Focus your team on the results — and the goals you've set as an organization — not the politics. This isn't about building fiefdoms or impressing the boss, it's about getting things done.

(3) Swallow your pride

As a manager, you can either be right, or you can make progress. Being right feels good, sure, but making progress as a team feels even better. Accept when your team members know more than you; allow them to be right and move forward together.

(4) Focus on the why

Yes, Simon Sinek, we're listening to you once again. When dealing with unacceptable behaviour or problems with getting results, focus on finding out why things are the way they are. Is someone struggling due to personal issues? Do they fully understand what's expected of them? Are they just really hungry? Start with the why, then help them understand why things need to change.

(5) Don't be a manager... a leader. Remember, you're not just the functional director of your team, you're the emotional leader as well. Inspire hearts and minds, be the glue that holds everyone together, use your management IQ and your emotional EQ. Hell, get up there and dance, you leader, you! Soon enough, your team will follow.

What makes a good manager? Better yet, what makes a good LEADER? Share your comments below!

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