Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Hygge for the Holidays

Bunkering down with the philosophy of coziness

I type this as I nurse a piping hot cup of coffee, just the right amount of sweetness, my hand wrapped around a warm ceramic mug, the strings from Canon in D Major slowly putting me to...

Yep. I'm feeling very Hygge.

Pronounced "Hue-gah", Hygge is the Danish art of warmth, comfort, and coziness, a philosophy and lifestyle to help us survive the literal and metaphorical winter. Whether it's global warming, the Trumpocalypse, or dreaded relatives, there are many reasons to Hygge.

But the better question is, how?

Here are three ways to embrace this brewing lifestyle trend and cozy up for the holidays:

(1) Nostalgia

Things always seem better in the good old days. Made fuzzy with time, and warmer and more heartfelt from our selective memories, nostalgia for the classics from our childhood and the comfort and security of the past is a very good way to Hygge. The past is known, safe, and can be mined for only the good, warm moments, the kind that make us feel like children again.

Think adult colouring books...

...our infatuation with the royals (on TV!)...

...classic video games reborn on smartphones...

...and of course, La La Land, a musical that brings back the vintage style and aesthetic of classic Hollywood.

(2) Cocooning

Stay home! At home it's warmer, more comfortable, more convenient and more personalized. By nestling inside the safety of home base, you can build your nest of favourite things, all while sipping that aforementioned mug of hot, home-brewed coffee. Home is where the heart is, it's also a core part of Hygge.

Think extreme textures and faux fur in home decor...

...She sheds. Yes, She sheds!

Knitting and crochet...

...and even Uber-style at-home massages.

(3) Clanning

Feeling Hygge wouldn't be complete without the warmth and company of other people. But welcoming those with different or opposing views wouldn't be very comfortable, would it? Enter the trend towards 'clanning': becoming closer to those with similar beliefs and values, and freezing everyone else out. Heck, clanning might've even been what got Trump elected! Who knew!

Think digital clanning, with Facebook's tailored newsfeed and new Rooms feature in Messenger...

...Netflixing our favourite shows (and our friends' favourites), over and over...


...and of course, holding strong to our country's values.


Are you ready to Hygge? Here are 3 Hygge-approved Toronto coffee shops where you can find your comfort during the rest of your holidays, complete with cozy atmospheres and warm decor:

Istanbul Cafe

Merchants of Green Coffee

The Theatre Centre Cafe

Happy Holidays!

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