Thursday, October 29, 2015

7 Keys to a Killer Presentation

...even the Undead will be awed and amazed!

The Walking Dead

Do your presentations turn your audience into the sitting dead? Do you see lots of glazed-over eyes, drooling lips, and inexplicable calls for "brains... more brains!"

Sorry to say. It's not them — it's YOU.

You need a better presentation.

A killer presentation.

Luckily, I've got the 7 keys to a killer presentation right here — courtesy of North of 41's Killer Presentation panel @EnvironicsPR — just in time for Halloween. Brainssss!

Event Photo
Background: The Panel. Foreground: The Undead.

Key #1 — Don't get thrown off by the size and scale of your audience. Stick to the core of your story, narrative, or pitch — that should never change.

Key #2 — That said, push for interaction when your audience is small. Aim for more one-on-one connections, turn your presentation into a conversation.

Key #3Focus on preparation, not practice. Even the Undead appreciate spontaneity and unplanned anecdotes. Know your material, but don't memorize — mesmerize!

Key #4 — Develop a pre-presentation ritual that works for you:
(1) Find a quiet place to focus and psyche yourself up
(2) Introduce yourself to your audience and work the room
(3) Discreetly sharpen your machete (and/or sword)

Rick's Speech
"Me? You mean... me??!"

Key #5Start with a bang! (...not a groan.) Don't ease into your message. Grab your audience's attention and pull them into your roller-coaster story.

Key #6 — Try to connect with your audience on a personal level. Talk about something everyone can appreciate, show them you're one of them. Do you like brains, too?? Hell, that's a start!

Key #7 — Fact check. Then double fact check. Then... triple fact check. Don't blow your credibility with a misquote, mis-stat, or misfire. Be an expert on your information. Aim for the head!

Got another key to a killer presentation? Have a story to share? Comment below!

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